Sake Brewing Equipment

Machineries for sake brewing

 We propose the most suitable brewing machine according to the customer's sake brewing environment and request. Some of them are listed, so please contact us for any requests of the listed products and the others.

  • *Type
  • NF26
  • *Specification
  • tone 26 inch
    Material rice 1800kg
    Automatic operation
  • *Ability
  • 70% milling rate 6.5~7.5 hours
    60% milling rate 16~21 hours
    50% milling rate 33~55 hours
  • *Chracteristics
  • Various programs can be set based on the target value according to the rice variety and milling ratio. The supply valve and weigh valbe enable optimum load adjustment and flow adjustment based on the milling data, and maintain a stable rice flow at all times. We are also developing a small rice mill for overseas craft breweries, so please contact us.

Washing rice
*Woodson Co., Ltd.

  • *Type
  • SKS-150
  • *Specification
  • Batch operation
  • *Ability
  • 300kg / h
    ( 1 cycle takes 2 min / Washing 1 min, Shawering 30 sec, interval 30 sec )
  • *Chracteristics
  • Wrap the rice in MJP jet bubbles and carefully wash each grain. Since it is washed with water, it does not damage the rice and there is no uneven washness. In addition, the bran stains washed off the rice is wrapped in the bubbles and dischareged immediately to keep the rice clean.

Steaming rice
*ETY Co., Ltd.

  • *Type
  • Super Large Steamer AR-STM18K 100 ( 100kg )
    Super Large Steamer AR-STM18K 200 ( 200kg )
    Super Large Steamer AR-STM18K 200 ( 100kg+100kg )
  • *Specification
  • Valtage 3 phase AC200V
    Power 18KW (Medium-wave length carbon heater 3KW×6 )
  • *Chracteristics
  • A medium-wavelength carbon heater that realizes steamed rice that is hard on the outside and soft on the inside with fine dry steam.The main body structure uses SUS304, which does not easily rust. Assuming export to overseas, it complies with UL standards in the United States and CE standards in Europe.