About Our Service

Milled rice for sake brewing

We export Japanese high-quality sake rice to the world. Furthermore, we provide high-polished rice which is milled in our own mill in the U.S to the sake breweries in North-America.

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Dry Koji

Koji is a grain stuff on which koji mold grow.
We provide stable high-quality dry koji which is manufactured with our unique technic. It is used not only for Japanese traditional fermented beverages and foods such as sake, shochu, miso, and amazake but also for craft beer.

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Kyokai Yeast

As the agent of Brewing Society of Japan to export dry yeast, we support customers overseas for their application procedures and make export arrangements.

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Brewing Machinery

We provide a variety of brewing machineries based on your brewer scale and requests. If you have a request besides the following, please feel free to ask us.
a) Milling rice
b) Washing rice
c) Steaming rice

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