“Koji” is traditional fermented food with absolutely essential for Sake Brewing. Tokushimaseikiku is producing “Dry Koji” with their patent dry system that enable the product maintain its quality for long term even though usual koji can’t do it. You can use not only for the fermented food such as Alcohol Beverage, Miso and Mirin but also for bakery dough in stead of yeast food.


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Koji Generally, Koji is steamed rice, barley, soy and other grain that has had Koji-kin or Koji mold spores cultivated onto it in Muro where temperature and humidity. Koji contains many vitamins derived from Koji itself such as enzyme and pantothenic acid.


Dry Koji

Once Koji is made with the traditional technique developed by brew masters, in next process, Koji is dried by patent technique we have developed. Because Koji contains lots of water in it and Koji mold is still alive, Koji’s quality is aging with the lapse of time. The greatest feature of our Dry Koji is that you can use Koji anytime you want by reducing the water contents of it with keeping Koji’s ideal conditions such as enzyme activity and vitamin contents.

■Rice Koji for brewing   ■Rice Koji for other foods